Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Big Snow 2011 !!!!!

                                 Yay!!!  Mom finally caved and let us loose !!!
                                              Making Snow Angels
                                  Mom look at me I am on top of the world !!!
                                           Clinton trying to keep his balance
                                       Mom I have snot on my nose...LOL..

All snowed in !!!!!!!

Well today is day 2 of pretty much being snowed in the house... In total we have about foot of snow on the ground, but the wind is pretty wild so we have snow drifts that are a couple of feet in some places... Oh and on top and underneath  all that snow we have a nice layer of ice...YUCK !!!!  It is really taking it's toll on the boys ...I have been vary relaxed on my viedo game policy they have played more yesterday and today than I think they get to in a whole month...Poor Alexa has not been feeling well..She started with a barky cough a few days ago and yesterday she started running a low fever...Today she is still running a low temp and still have the barky cough..She is eating okay and not throwing up so I haven't called the dr..I figure it is just a virus that will run it's course..That is about all that is going on here in the Dupler house...Once I figure out how to upload pics I will take some of the snow and put them up ....Take care !!!!