Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hurry up Spring !!!!!!

Things for the most part have been good for us this winter..Only two cases of sickness have hit our house which is a blessing.  I am on the other hand so ready for spring and so done with these very cold Ohio winters.. There isn't much for the kids to do to run off steam and I don't do the cold so going to a park is out of the question.. So the weekends have been trying to say the least we have enjoy the swimming pool a the YMCA a few times which has helped.

Pretty much the whole month of December for me was spent with my mom.. She had to have a very major surgery at the Cleveland Clinic.. She had total of three aneurysm one ascending , one decending, and one abdominal. On the 23 of December a team of thorasic surgeons went it and and did a tripleby pass and a procedure called an Elephant truck.  Meaning they replaced the top part of her aortia , the part that looks like an elephant truck, and that repaired her ascending aneurysm.  Part two will repair her decending and her abdominal aneurysm .  They will have to replace her whole aortia from her heart to her groin in order to do that surgery...

Now back to my orginal begining I am so ready for spring ... Brandon and I have talked about moving to warm weather within the next few years and I am really hoping that we do. I am going to say so long for know and will try to update in a few days ...

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