Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A lot going on !!!

The past few weeks has brought a lot going on in our house...I went back to work part-time during the day which is really nice...It doesn't interfer with our family time at all.. I think the only thing I don't like about it is Alexa is in daycare now for 4hrs everyday, but it is where I work so I can go and visit her whenever I want..I am now working in the fitness room as a fit trainer for the Y. So along with teaching my classes I know get to help out in the fitroom...It is pretty exciting and it helps to keep me on track and motovated a bit..

The boys had there concecration ceremony this past Friday night at Temple..This was very exciting for our family since it is the first real offical thing we have done since becoming Jewish.. We also nailed down a date to finish our conversion this past Sunday as well .It will be offically completed in May all though this is just a formallity since we have been living as Jewish people for 3yrs now.. But it is nice to have everything offical and I am very excited for May to come...Our Rabbi that started our conversion will actually be there to see the whole thing come full circle ..And the Rabbi that we have this year is soooo amazing in working with our family...

Things are going great with my mom after her having open heart surgery which included a triple bypass and the repair of an aneurysm.. She still has to have one more really risky surgery in a few months to repair the other two aneurysm that she still has on her aortia.. I have faith in G-d that he will watch over her..

Well that is what is going on with us as of now....

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